NANOSILVER (also known as Silver Nano) is an advanced technology but with Vietnam is still a strange concept. Silver Nano’s application to life is extremely broad, bringing many benefits to the health and beauty that many people do not know.


Nano-silver has long been known for its powerful antimicrobial, antioxidant , and protective properties, and is particularly benign when there are almost no side effects.

Learn Nano technology:

“Nanotechnology” became extremely popular, because this technology brings efficiency higher than with nanoparticles tiny hiding deep and penetrating into the contact surface, which effectively brought from deep within.

This technology has been applied quite widely in many fields: from cosmetics (nano-collagen, nano-emulsion), consumer goods, medicine (nano-technology, nano-vitamin) … by using variable technology particle matter down to nanoscale, bringing immediate, direct effect to our cells.

What is Silver Nano?

Silver Nano solution contains ultra-small silver ion particles , through pure silver electrolytic electrolytic mechanism , giving particles of 5-100 nanometers in size , dissolved in distilled water (helping to keep silver ion particles better ). The silver particles are very small may crept into cell layers of our seats to between cells and bacteria to kill 99.99% ALL categories of organisms harmful to health: as yeast, signed Bio, virus, herpes … are the cause of many skin problems.

Thanks to the bactericidal effect, Nano Silver can inhibit bacterial growth, activate resistance, help speed up the recovery process from the inside out completely.

Protection application: Health and beauty

How are bacteria harmful to human health?

90% of the human body is containing bacteria. Bacteria are both friends and enemies of human health. When a healthy body is a balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria, but when the body arises a problem, that is when harmful bacteria get into too much

The skin is the place to be in direct contact with the external living environment, so it contains the most bacteria (102-103 / cm 2 ).


  • Acne treatment, prevent acne, especially acne, swollen acne, pustules
  • Se pores
  • Brightens skin and blur brown spots
  • Antibacterial, anti-oxidant for skin
  • Increase the use of various types of treatments, whitening (skin booster)
  • Antibacterial: antiseptic wound, support treatment of skin diseases related to bacteria, viruses, fungi (chickenpox, shingles, fungal skin, gynecological fungus, …)
  • Being referred to as “natural antibiotic dose” for anti-inflammatory use: dermatitis, eye inflammation, cornea, rhinitis, pharyngitis, ear infections, gynecological inflammation …)

Outstanding advantages of Silver Nano:


No impurities, no irritation, no chemical ingredients.


Can be used for all ages from adults to children, and patients.

EFFICIENCY OF BACTERIAL RESISTANCE, QUICKLY RESISTANCE Rapid effect, clear effect on the affected area.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in direct contact on the injury / problem area

Benefits of Silver Nano:


Silver is the “most powerful antimicrobial in the world” element. Bacteria when encountering silver often will immediately disable metabolic transport processes, cut off oxygen, leading to complete destruction. Silver Nano can go deep into the skin and eradicate the underlying bacteria causing damage to the skin.


Thanks to absolute antimicrobial resistance, bacteria are inhibited and destroyed, protected cells should recover from resistance, helping wounds / symptoms reduce inflammation, recover faster.


Silver is sensitive to toxins. When encountering toxins, silver will immediately oxidize, release toxins. Used on the skin acts as a “toxic resistance” to the skin, helping to eliminate toxins from the skin


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